Rolex Watches: Reviews on Rolex Submariner 116613LB and Rolex Oyster 179178

replica rolex submariner
replica rolex submariner

Rolex Submariner Date Series – 116613LB Blue Dial

Rolex Submariner series is a professional diving watch series, with the lowest waterproof standard being 300 meters waterproof effect. When this series was launched in 1953, it is the world’s first waterproof wrist watch which was as deep as 100 meters. This Rolex Submariner watch is equipped with rotary outer bezel, which can only be counterclockwise rotate, and its  60 minutes progressive scale let the driver can accurately calculate diving time and step-down time. The outer bezel was made of extremely hard special ceramics with corrosion resistance and resistance loss. Rolex Submariner 116613LB Blue Dial is made of 18 k gold and stainless steel and its blue dial design is more attractive than simple stainless steel watches.

Rolex Oyster 179178 Lady Watch

This Rolex oyster lady watch 179178, is made of 18K gold for the overall and the yellow dial was inlaid diamond to let a person feel resplendent and magnificent and glorious showily. You will feel it having a lot of weight when wearing the Rolex Oyster 179178 Lady Watch of precious metal material on the wrist. And Rolex excellent oyster type watchcase structure makes this watch durable, and also have the very good waterproof performance. Rolex is also one of the most valuable watch brands in the world, whose price is very reasonable, and wearing this gold watch is equivalent to taking with a small bank on your wrist, which can be converted into cash immediately at any pawn shops; of course, second-hand watch discount is also malicious, but Rolex gold watch discount in second-hand watches is also hard to beat. Rolex Oyster 179178 Lady Watch may be more mature, women with a little experience can better embody the noble effect. This elegant watch has high comprehensive quality, and has many advantages that a watch should have. The 18 k gold and inlaid diamonds let the wristwatch exalted feeling stack.

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Rolex Watches: Reviews on the Rolex Lady Watches

replica rolex
replica rolex

Which country is rolex from? Let me tell you here, the rolex is from the beautiful country Switzerland, and it is a classic brand of the Swiss watch industry. The first flag of Rolex watches is a open finger palm, it says the brand’s watch was crafted by hand completely, which later evolved into the crown of a registered trademark to show its supremacy in the field of watches, showing its position among all the Swiss branded watches. Today we are also to bring a few rolex ladies watches to appreciate with you all here, and if want to know more, just don’t go away.

ROLEX Oyster Perpetual 168623-78753 Yellow Mechanical Lady Watch

The lady automatic mechanical watch of the Rolex Perpetual series has the capable and experienced features of the men watches, but it is more releasing the elegant temperament in this watch. Stainless steel gold watch case is connected with the watch strap, which is elegant and noble and more can reveal status; the unique scale on the gold dial lets a person has the feeling of the new ideas and fresh.

ROLEX Oyster Perpetual Oyster Perpetual 179173-63133 Yellow Mechanical Lady Watch

The finest champagne color, the watch did not drunk but a person did. The attractive color and the joker design, no matter you are to attend any occasion it can rein. The wrist charm is beginning from it, automatic mechanical watch movement, let the wrist watch do not fear the test of time, and the time is on your wrist all the time. Choose it, add taste for your life.

ROLEX Oyster Datejust 179173 White Mechanical Lady Watch

Made with stainless steel material + 18 k gold, 3 o ‘clock calendar display window on the silver dial – the whole watch shows nobility, date, three needles and other display functions, which adds practicability for this Rolex watch. The golden watch bezel is around the whole watch, which is elegant and not tacky.

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Things Every Rolex Submariner Owner Should Know

Rolex is probably the only mechanical watch brand that could be named by just about everyone. There is one watch you could confidently identify as a Rolex at first glance. You might not know the model name, but the Submariner’s no-nonsense, timeless design is so emblematic, it couldn’t possibly be associated with anyone else.

Since its launch in 1954, the Rolex Submariner is one of the most iconic timepieces ever created. Its six-decade journey has taken it from being the last word in essential equipment for professional divers to the ultimate symbol of robust refinement and understated luxury. Before Daniel Craig’s 007 made the switch to Omega, the Rolex Submariner made an appearance in eleven Bond films. It was also the superspy’s watch of choice in Fleming’s original novels, being used as a knuckle-duster on more than one occasion when he really didn’t want an adversary standing up again in a hurry.

While there are currently plenty of gold and two-tone Rolex Submariner models, originally, the iconic diver was only available in steel. Only later did Rolex introduce new materials to the Submariner collection in an effort to enhance the luxuriousness of the watch. All in all, your basic black Submariner model in steel is the go-to piece for the majority of Rolex lovers. The 40mm wide steel case is a good middle-ground size, and its style works well with anything from a tuxedo to a t-shirt. Immensely popular, the only bad thing we can say about the Submariner is that you won’t be the only person in the room to have one. New or vintage, UK replica watches are solid choices.

Traditionally, the Rolex Submariner is a dive watch without a date complication. Although nearly every Submariner that Rolex currently produces is now fitted with a date display at the 3 o’clock position, the Submariner line has its roots in straightforward, time-only dive instruments. The first question you should ask yourself is whether you want a date or a no-date Submariner. Fans of a more symmetrical look opt for a no-date Submariner, preferring the uncluttered look of the dial. However, others appreciate the practicality a date feature brings to the table. It’s also worth noting that non-date Submariners are typically less expensive. Non-date Submariner models include the ref. 14060, the ref. 14060m, and the ref. 114060.

Swiss Watches: Reviews on Two Classic and Hottest Rolex Watches

rolex submariner swiss replica
rolex submariner swiss replica

Rolex Submariner series 116610LV-97200 green disk watch

Watch series: Rolex Submariner series

Movement type: automatic movement

Case material: 904L stainless steel

Watchband material: 904L stainless steel

Case diameter: 40 mm

The domestic price: 70000RMB

Watch comments: It is now Rolex’s hottest Submariner watch, commonly known as the green ghost. Some people love it because of its green surface color; some people love it because he is Rolex, its time is very accurate; some people love it because it is in short supply. The watch’s diameter is 40 mm, its case and bracelet are all made of 904L stainless steel. Compared to ordinary brand watches’ 316L stainless steel, Rolex’s 904L stainless steel is more corrosion resistant. In terms of the pure material’s price,904L stainless steel is two times more expensive than ordinary 316L stainless steel. The watch’s movement is automatic movement cal.3135, it is   produced exclusively by Rolex. In terms of precision, Rolex must be the best among those mass-produced watches. Its 3135 automatic movement can be the most solid movement, it is also the basis movement of all Rolex movement, it is very sturdy and durable.

Rolex DATEJUST II series 116333-72213 Ivory disc Watch

Watch series: Datejust series

Movement type: automatic movement

Case material: 18K Gold / stainless steel

Watchband material: 18K Gold / stainless steel

Case diameter:41mm

The domestic price: 89200RMB

Watch comments: It is a classic Rolex DATEJUST Watch. Its watchband is made of 18K Gold / stainless steel. It has the design of classic triangular pit and the magnifying glass window calendar display. It can be said to be the most Rolex. These designs are important elements of Rolex and the classic features of Rolex. Inside the watch, there is also the cal.3136 movement, it is very sturdy and durable. I think the reasons of why the watch is so popular are its classic design and it is the precious metal entry-level Watch of Rolex men datejust watch choice.

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Leads you to know the Rolex Yacht-Master II Blue Bezel

Rolex launched  Yacht Master II,its design inspiration comes from the sea super(Maxi)sailing ship, including technical skills,elegance and excellent performance all-in-one. The Rolex Yacht-Master II is designed especially for professional navigators. As the world’s first watch which has the mechanical memory countdown function. Making the start time of yacht race competitors and the official meter are completely synchronized.

The design of Rolex Replica Yacht Master II has outstanding function? Sure. The button of the watch makes people remind of the wringing sails; the bezel is engraved with the words of Yacht Master II like the name of the sailing printed on the hull. The dial of Yacht Master II is decorated with different colors, each important display part are clear and easy to read. The minute hand uses hollow design to ensure it does not shield the red triangle countdown hand below it. Even if overlapped, they have no affected.  The Yacht Master II has unique blue square hour marks.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Mater II collected the best Rolex technology. It is designed for yachting with outstanding performance. This innovative watch launched in 2007, which has been favored by the experienced crew and sailing enthusiasts. This Yacht Master II occupies an important seat in the prestigious Rolex professional watch series only by virtue of its unique mechanical memory preset countdown and real-time synchronization function. Rolex designed these special functions and ergonomic design and then produce a new watch.  Although the Yacht Master II combines complex technology; it is easy to read time. Although the design is complex, the watchmaker are not only keeping Rolex’s excellent and reliable performance but also continuing extraordinary aesthetics of oyster in a clever way.

Rolex decided to innovate and invented the Ring Command bezel, and the rotated bezel is operated by linking movement directly. Rotating the bezel anticlockwise 90 degrees can start the countdown time function. And using the winding crown can adjust countdown time. Turn the Ring Command bezel in another direction, you can lock and record setting time. (I’m afraid the movement of Replica can’t achieve this level.)The entire process of this innovative device is from design, research and development to production monitored by the Rolex. The movement, watchcase and bracelet are all fully showing the brand’s unique advantages.

The story of Yacht Master II witnessed Rolex’s unremitting efforts. This elegant and reliable yachting chronograph wristwatch is easy to use and completely meeting the needs when the yachting race starts .It can help the wearer grasp the best time.  Rolex, as the Swiss watch industry classic brand, deal with details meticulous. You can feel that form the surface of the watch. Although the Rolex is expensive, it is still worth.