Swiss Watches: Reviews on Two Classic and Hottest Rolex Watches

rolex submariner swiss replica
rolex submariner swiss replica

Rolex Submariner series 116610LV-97200 green disk watch

Watch series: Rolex Submariner series

Movement type: automatic movement

Case material: 904L stainless steel

Watchband material: 904L stainless steel

Case diameter: 40 mm

The domestic price: 70000RMB

Watch comments: It is now Rolex’s hottest Submariner watch, commonly known as the green ghost. Some people love it because of its green surface color; some people love it because he is Rolex, its time is very accurate; some people love it because it is in short supply. The watch’s diameter is 40 mm, its case and bracelet are all made of 904L stainless steel. Compared to ordinary brand watches’ 316L stainless steel, Rolex’s 904L stainless steel is more corrosion resistant. In terms of the pure material’s price,904L stainless steel is two times more expensive than ordinary 316L stainless steel. The watch’s movement is automatic movement cal.3135, it is   produced exclusively by Rolex. In terms of precision, Rolex must be the best among those mass-produced watches. Its 3135 automatic movement can be the most solid movement, it is also the basis movement of all Rolex movement, it is very sturdy and durable.

Rolex DATEJUST II series 116333-72213 Ivory disc Watch

Watch series: Datejust series

Movement type: automatic movement

Case material: 18K Gold / stainless steel

Watchband material: 18K Gold / stainless steel

Case diameter:41mm

The domestic price: 89200RMB

Watch comments: It is a classic Rolex DATEJUST Watch. Its watchband is made of 18K Gold / stainless steel. It has the design of classic triangular pit and the magnifying glass window calendar display. It can be said to be the most Rolex. These designs are important elements of Rolex and the classic features of Rolex. Inside the watch, there is also the cal.3136 movement, it is very sturdy and durable. I think the reasons of why the watch is so popular are its classic design and it is the precious metal entry-level Watch of Rolex men datejust watch choice.

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Omega Watches: Reviews on Omega Speedmaster 304. Watch

Omega Speedmaster 304. Watch has passed through the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS) certification, and it is the first Speedmaster watch that has got “Astronomical Observatory” certification, its accuracy and performance in the watch industry is in a leading position. Unique moon phase function can be accurate to 29.5 days, and it needs to adjust once a decade. This replica watches swiss applies with 44.25 mm steel case, and it is matching with a sun-ray polished blue dial, blue ceramic watch bezel is decorated with Liquidmetal ® speed scale. Accurate moon phase display is set at 6 o’clock position, moon phase display operation only need to adjust once a decade.

On the Blue dial, a pair of small dials with double pointers are evenly distributed in two ends of the dial, at 3 o’clock position there sets with 12 hours timer and 60 minutes chronograph dial, at 9 o’clock position sets with date display and small seconds. The watch case made of the stainless steel material which has been dealt with polished process to ensure the smooth lines, and the three-dimensional sense is strong. The watch ear is polished with the traditional polishing process to show the simple and generous lines. Stainless steel crown is engraved with the Omega brand logo, the crown side has the anti-skid texture, to make it easy to operate the delicate watch crown.

There are timing start and pause buttons and timing zero buttons on top and bottom of the watch crown respectively. The watch is equipped with a blue leather strap to echo with the blue dial and it is decorated with white sutures. This Swiss watch is also matching with the frosted polished stainless steel folding clasp, the outside is engraved brand logo. Watch dial sets rhodium-plated rectangular three-dimensional time scale, matching with rhodium-plated bar hour and minute pointers. Time scale and hour hand and minute pointer are covered with luminous coating, which will show green light in the dark. Even in the night, you can clearly read the time.

Omega Speedmaster 304. Watch is carrying with the Omega 9904 Coaxial movement, which is resistant to strong magnetic fields up to 15,000 gauss. This automatic winding chronograph movement can provide 60 hours power reserve.

Audemars Piguet Replica: Always Popular Among Men

Men’s strong wrists can show off their masculine. Being professinal expert in sports wrist watches, Audemars Piguet has been popular among men depending on its sense of power and uniqueness. It is a fact that the most important factor to wrist watch is its uniqueness. The uniqueness is not only the Audemars Piguet’s constent style, but also gentlemen’s favorite style. Being the cool thing on the wrist, replica Audemars Piguet watches become gentlemen’s style by their uniqueness and functionality.

The sense of power not just shows from tough design. In fact, the inner quality serves as the essence for the whole watch. Replica Audemars Piguet watches do show off its charm through their inner quality. According to the watch-making tenet of Audemars Piguet, the inspiration of octagonal bezel comes from the porthole which symbolizes energy and waterproofness. Therefore, what replica Audemars Piguet watches show is the best functionality and unique beauty. The people will be deeply in love with the AP watches once wearing them.

Royal oak replica collection was launched in 1972 and has four iconic features: steel cases, octagonal bezels, “TAPISSERIE” dials and integrated bracelets. Audemars Piguet Royal Oak replica watches with blue dials are driven by 2329/2846 Calibre, self-winding mechanical movements with 33 jewels. The movements consisting of 261 parts can vibrate 28,800 times one hour and save 38-hour power. The diameter of steel cases is 39mm and the thickness is 10.3mm. The three-dimensional hour markers are white gold indexes covered with luminescence. The central two luminescent hands show the hour and minute. The three-dimensional hour markers are white gold indexes covered with luminescence. There are eight screws inset to the bezels. They are waterproof to 50m. Their hard lines and exquisite details make them popular among fans.

Audemars Piguet’s history is marked with many landmark records and world firsts– the first wristwatch with tourbillon and mechanical winding, the smallest self-winding watch with perpetual calendar, the Dual Time, the Ladies Minute Repeater Chiming watch, to name a few. What’s more, replica Audemars Piguet Watches repeat the unique design and the exceptional quality of the mechanism fully consistent with the authentic product. Audemars Piguet Replica watches are beautiful, shiny, and new. The only one who will be able to tell that it is a replica will be you! Everyone else will think that it is the real thing.

Leads you to know the Rolex Yacht-Master II Blue Bezel

Rolex launched  Yacht Master II,its design inspiration comes from the sea super(Maxi)sailing ship, including technical skills,elegance and excellent performance all-in-one. The Rolex Yacht-Master II is designed especially for professional navigators. As the world’s first watch which has the mechanical memory countdown function. Making the start time of yacht race competitors and the official meter are completely synchronized.

The design of Rolex Replica Yacht Master II has outstanding function? Sure. The button of the watch makes people remind of the wringing sails; the bezel is engraved with the words of Yacht Master II like the name of the sailing printed on the hull. The dial of Yacht Master II is decorated with different colors, each important display part are clear and easy to read. The minute hand uses hollow design to ensure it does not shield the red triangle countdown hand below it. Even if overlapped, they have no affected.  The Yacht Master II has unique blue square hour marks.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Mater II collected the best Rolex technology. It is designed for yachting with outstanding performance. This innovative watch launched in 2007, which has been favored by the experienced crew and sailing enthusiasts. This Yacht Master II occupies an important seat in the prestigious Rolex professional watch series only by virtue of its unique mechanical memory preset countdown and real-time synchronization function. Rolex designed these special functions and ergonomic design and then produce a new watch.  Although the Yacht Master II combines complex technology; it is easy to read time. Although the design is complex, the watchmaker are not only keeping Rolex’s excellent and reliable performance but also continuing extraordinary aesthetics of oyster in a clever way.

Rolex decided to innovate and invented the Ring Command bezel, and the rotated bezel is operated by linking movement directly. Rotating the bezel anticlockwise 90 degrees can start the countdown time function. And using the winding crown can adjust countdown time. Turn the Ring Command bezel in another direction, you can lock and record setting time. (I’m afraid the movement of Replica can’t achieve this level.)The entire process of this innovative device is from design, research and development to production monitored by the Rolex. The movement, watchcase and bracelet are all fully showing the brand’s unique advantages.

The story of Yacht Master II witnessed Rolex’s unremitting efforts. This elegant and reliable yachting chronograph wristwatch is easy to use and completely meeting the needs when the yachting race starts .It can help the wearer grasp the best time.  Rolex, as the Swiss watch industry classic brand, deal with details meticulous. You can feel that form the surface of the watch. Although the Rolex is expensive, it is still worth.

F.P. Journe Vagabondage III Watch With First-Ever Digital Jumping-Seconds Display

F.P. Journe Vagabondage III Watch With First-Ever Digital Jumping-Seconds Display

F.P. Journe Vagabondage III Watch With First-Ever Digital Jumping-Seconds Display Watch Releases

It’s been a long time since we last heard from the Vagabondage – the unique, turtle-shaped masterpiece from watchmaker F.P. Journe. Nearly eight years, to be exact, back at a time when the Black-Eyed Peas were still topping the charts, and the Vagabondage II was turning our heads with its signature “digital” display whose overlaid rotating discs “jumped” at the turn of every minute and hour. It was a little bit like the A. Lange & Söhne Zeitwerk, but with a largely skeletonized display. Flash-forward to 2017, and we’re presented with the F.P. Journe Vagabondage III which packs a mind-blowing world premiere: watchmaking’s first and only digital jumping-seconds display.

Like the F.P. Journe Vagabondage II, its third iteration shares the same case silhouette, and thereby nearly identical dimensions (45mm x 37mm x 8mm), despite the newer hand-cranked Caliber 1514 movement beating away inside. Naturally, the challenges with creating a jumping seconds are many, but foremost is that of the amount of energy required for every “jump” cannot be managed by a traditional escapement. Also note that this is different from a “dead-beat” complication, as separate disks are used for the seconds’ ones (0-9) and tens (0-5) – avoiding a large wheel with every number from 1 to 60 on it. F.P. Journe has spent the better part of the last decade developing a special constant force escapement that precisely moves the time train with each second, resulting in a mesmerizing, dynamic display of the time.

F.P. Journe Vagabondage III Watch With First-Ever Digital Jumping-Seconds Display Watch Releases

F.P. Journe Vagabondage III Watch With First-Ever Digital Jumping-Seconds Display Watch Releases

F.P. Journe Vagabondage III Watch With First-Ever Digital Jumping-Seconds Display Watch Releases

Visually speaking, the beautiful rose gold movement plates and overall complexities of the watch are left beneath the skeletonized, smoked sapphire dial. Here, both the hours and seconds are readily visible at a glance, framed in white at 10:00 and 6:00, respectively. The minutes are measured through a centrally mounted hand at the middle of the dial, and the movement’s remaining power reserve is indicated by the blued needle at 1:00. No F.P. Journe branding on the front of the watch is also a trait of the Vagabondage series.

F.P. Journe Vagabondage III Watch With First-Ever Digital Jumping-Seconds Display Watch Releases

F.P. Journe Vagabondage III Watch With First-Ever Digital Jumping-Seconds Display Watch Releases

F.P. Journe Vagabondage III Watch With First-Ever Digital Jumping-Seconds Display Watch Releases

It’s likely that this more traditional means of reading the minutes is what enabled this unique complication to come to life. However, whether Journe has a 100% digital jumping movement with seconds, minutes, and hours somewhere up his sleeve remains to be seen – though F.P. Journe calling this model the third in a “trilogy” would suggest that it would not be in this collection. For now, the F.P. Journe Vagabondage III’s jumping seconds is still a hallmark for innovative haute horology, and an absolute joy to behold.

F.P. Journe Vagabondage III Watch With First-Ever Digital Jumping-Seconds Display Watch Releases

F.P. Journe Vagabondage III Watch With First-Ever Digital Jumping-Seconds Display Watch Releases

Though you’ll have to stay tuned for confirmation on the pricing of the F.P. Journe Vagabondage III Watch, we can confirm that only 137 pieces of this super-unique watch will be built: 69 pieces in platinum, and 68 pieces in 18-carat red gold. Order preference will be granted to owners of the Vagabondage I and II, who’ll be able to choose the serial number of their choice, for those with a serious completionist tendencies when it comes to collecting ultra high-end watches such as this.

Hublot Watches: Reviews on the New Big Bang Unico Sapphire Watches

This Hublot watch is launched in 2017 Basel World, which has created two innovations:

The first innovation: in 2016, Hublot overturns the application mode of the sapphire in the watchmaking industry.

Sapphire has the characteristics of hard wear-resistance and completely transparency, however, it is extremely difficult in processing and manufacturing, Hublot is the first watch brand in the watchmaking industry that goes into mass production on the sapphire watch case. The watch factory that is located in nyon and its metallurgical department keep innovation, open up new territory. In 2017, the superior results that all show the extraordinary achievements of innovation eventually.

The second innovation: in 2017, the new technological innovation – Hublot sapphire new initiatives

Synthetic colorful sapphire technology was born as early as in 1902, and it was invented by the French chemist Auguste Victor Louis Verneuil, but as the crystallization process was not very stable, even produced at the same time, it was difficult to get a sapphire with the similar color, sapphire crystal melting so far is still a complex and unpredictable process. Not only that, in the process of producing the Big Bang sapphire watch case, it is very easy to occur bubble and crack in the material. But the biggest challenge of the replica swiss watches is the size of sapphire, the world has never produced more than 2 kg color sapphire. Now, however, Hublot has surpassed the obstacles. Through continuous breakthrough engineering and chemical limit, Hublot has created a very complex and expensive new craft, and has successfully developed large size sapphire crystal, which is glittering and translucent, and the colour and lustre is uniform. Hublot heats the raw materials alumina (Al2O3) with transition metal chromium (Cr) to 2000-2050 degrees Celsius, and crystallizes the perfect colorful sapphire, while retaining all the original characteristics of the sapphire material, including super wear-resistant high hardness and the permeability of completely transparent. The technology created the sapphire material profusion colour – the first blue sapphire watch in the history.