Rolex Watches: Reviews on Rolex Submariner 116613LB and Rolex Oyster 179178

replica rolex submariner
replica rolex submariner

Rolex Submariner Date Series – 116613LB Blue Dial

Rolex Submariner series is a professional diving watch series, with the lowest waterproof standard being 300 meters waterproof effect. When this series was launched in 1953, it is the world’s first waterproof wrist watch which was as deep as 100 meters. This Rolex Submariner watch is equipped with rotary outer bezel, which can only be counterclockwise rotate, and its  60 minutes progressive scale let the driver can accurately calculate diving time and step-down time. The outer bezel was made of extremely hard special ceramics with corrosion resistance and resistance loss. Rolex Submariner 116613LB Blue Dial is made of 18 k gold and stainless steel and its blue dial design is more attractive than simple stainless steel watches.

Rolex Oyster 179178 Lady Watch

This Rolex oyster lady watch 179178, is made of 18K gold for the overall and the yellow dial was inlaid diamond to let a person feel resplendent and magnificent and glorious showily. You will feel it having a lot of weight when wearing the Rolex Oyster 179178 Lady Watch of precious metal material on the wrist. And Rolex excellent oyster type watchcase structure makes this watch durable, and also have the very good waterproof performance. Rolex is also one of the most valuable watch brands in the world, whose price is very reasonable, and wearing this gold watch is equivalent to taking with a small bank on your wrist, which can be converted into cash immediately at any pawn shops; of course, second-hand watch discount is also malicious, but Rolex gold watch discount in second-hand watches is also hard to beat. Rolex Oyster 179178 Lady Watch may be more mature, women with a little experience can better embody the noble effect. This elegant watch has high comprehensive quality, and has many advantages that a watch should have. The 18 k gold and inlaid diamonds let the wristwatch exalted feeling stack.

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