Swiss Watches: How to Distinguish Cartier Watches?

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Observe the winding stem

The winding stem of fake Cartier is the most easily to let the cat out of the bag. The winding stem of fake watches would use the same craft. The polishing and plating layer are inhomogeneous. If the watch case is relatively hard to spot, you can carefully observe the part of the winding stem. In addition, the Cartier watch has its own specifications, while fake watches are almost the same. It’s easy to see just looking at the appearance of the real Watch.

Observe the watch back cover, identifier and movement

The back cover of the fake Cartier watch is not made according to the standard of famous brands. Some of them changed the original screw cover into gland, you can pay attention to it if you are interested. Some of the back cover is octagonal or a few screws back cover. In order to save costs, fake watch will produce neither fish nor fowl gland with a screw shape .

Cartire factory has its own fixed labeling rules, and serial number of every single watch. According to this number, you can find the specifications, models, and even the date of manufacture and the place of sale. The fake Cartire watches only use a number, and even no number, it is easy to distinguish. Some real watches’ numbers appear in different places of the watch, and that of fake watches appears only on the back cover of the watch.

Generally false Cartire watches have not been polished. Now there are a lot of fake polished movement on the market, but with an eyepiece you can easily found the rough process. Each watch core has a different structure than the 2824 ETA stream that can be modeled.

Weigh the Cartire watches

In order to ensure high simulation, now fake watches would use lead circles to guarantee the weight of it. But you can try the weight of the rest of it. For example, the chain, it is relatively much lighter. At the same time, generally, fake Cartier watches are much lighter.

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